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Travel in Style

By Leigh Williams
If you’re like me, you barely left your house last year, so you’ve been looking forward to your summer vacation for months now. Your trip is almost here. But what should you pack?! 
I’m a chronic over-packer. I can never pick just a few outfits, even if I know exactly what my itinerary entails. I always pack loads of clothes I never end up wearing. Sound familiar? 
But after a few years of paying fees at the airport for my overweight bags, I’ve finally found the answer. Versatility. It’s all about packing simple outfits that can transition from day to night. Like a cute maxi – or a blouse you can pair with jeans or a skirt. 
Pack these pieces and you can’t go wrong:
·      A jumpsuit/romper – these pieces are perfect for traveling because they are comfy and your accessories can easily dress them up or down. Top with a straw hat for a casual day to day look – or pull your hair back in a high pony and throw on hoop earrings and heels for a night out.
·      A light maxi – fits so easily in your suitcase and again can be easily dressed up or down with accessories. Pair with some casual sneakers if you will be doing a bit of walking, or strappy sandals if you’re going out to dinner and you’re good to go!
·      Pull on pants – are so comfy, but can elevate any look. They are super versatile and can go with just about any type of top. When I’m on vacation, my style needs to be comfortable, so these are a go-to.
·      A pair of jeans and a skirt – choose simple styles so you can easily mix and match! Don’t choose too many since you will likely be packing the styles listed above.
·      Blouses of your choosing – again, don’t take too many since you have quite a few other outfit options. Pick just a couple that can pair with any of the bottoms you’ve packed!
There you have it – staple styles for your next trip! No more sitting on top of your suitcase because it’s crammed too full to close or paying extra for your overweight bag. Maybe you’ll even have room to bring a few souvenirs back? 
Safe travels!