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Strategies To Spring Clean Your Retail Business

The arrival of spring heralds longer days, sunshine and fresh air… and of course, the tradition of spring cleaning! We typically think of spring cleaning as a ritual to rid our houses of winter’s leftover dirt and debris, but it’s not just a good practice to put in place for your home. Small business owners should also take advantage of the change in seasons to tidy up and get organized.
Ready to freshen up to get your business on track for the upcoming months? Read on for a few tips and strategies to help you get started!

Give Your Marketing a Makeover
Spring is a great time to focus on your marketing efforts to give them a refresh. This time of year is traditionally a slower period across the retail industry, but you can use this to your advantage to hone in on your marketing strategies: consider updating your creative branding, fine tune your upcoming calendar of special promotions, or learn about the latest features on social media. Popular marketing strategies are constantly evolving, and as such small business owners need to dedicate some time to getting up to speed on the latest trends.

Declutter Your Displays
As a small business owner, chances are your space is also just that - small. And with the daily hustle and bustle of business with customers coming in and out, it can be difficult to maintain neat and orderly merchandise displays within the confines of your square footage. Clutter can quickly build up, and it also can be the first thing customers will notice upon walking through your door - sending potential sales right back out. Try embracing a more minimalistic aesthetic when displaying products. It’s not only more visually appealing and won’t overwhelm potential customers, but will also be easier for staff to stay on top of to keep your displays organized all season long.

Tidy Up!
It wouldn’t be spring cleaning without giving your physical store some actual scrubbing. While you may already have weekly and even daily cleaning routines in place, now is the time to give your retail space a more thorough deep cleaning: disinfect all shelving and high-touch surfaces, thoroughly wipe down windows and glass storefronts, organize your back stockroom, and give floors, walls, and even the ceiling some tidying-up attention. While it may seem simple, giving your store a good deep cleaning can have a measurable impact on attracting customers to your space.