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As a small business owner, you’re likely already putting a lot of time and effort into your in-store experience. Enticing product displays and great customer service can go a long way in driving repeat customers - but have you thought about how you can engage your customers when they’re NOT in your store? Customers who continuously engage with retailers account for 23% more revenue, on average, than customers who are disengaged. Successful retailers capitalize on this discrepancy by creating an ongoing dialogue with their customers, and it starts before they even step foot in a store.

Here are 4 ways to grab shopper’s attention before they enter your store:

    Monthly email newsletters and text updates are excellent ways to remain relevant and capture your customers’ attention, wherever they are. These concise messages enable you to share information about your products, promotions, and in-store events; and, in our increasingly digitized world, they’re difficult to miss! Consider incorporating a simple email or SMS text sign-up campaign in your future store promotions.

    Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn provide the same benefits of email newsletters and text updates when it comes to communicating with your customers in a digitized world - and luckily it’s free to open business accounts on each social media platform! Social media is a great outlet to communicate with your customers about new products, promotions and events, and customers will appreciate the convenience of viewing offerings from their computers or mobile devices.

    Social media also enables consumers to connect with the ‘personal’ side of your business. Showing ‘behind the scenes moments’ establishes an authentic brand story, which encourages brand loyalty.

    Additionally, social media, email newsletters, and text updates are all excellent ways to host contests and giveaways, and collect customer feedback.

    You can incentivize consumers to engage with your business by providing meaningful rewards, such as discounts, in-store vouchers, and free products.

    You can ask customers to follow your account, tag their friends or family in your Instagram comment section, or submit creative photos related to your business. Your engagement rates and brand visibility will increase, and customers eager to earn rewards will be more likely to continue connecting with your business — both online and in-stores!

    Ever wonder what your customers are thinking about your business? Sometimes the best way to find out is just to ask! In fact, the benefits of customer experience surveys are twofold.

    All Businesses Can Benefit from Feedback:

    When asked about their in-store experiences, customer’s will inevitably reveal how your products or services can improve.

    Applying customer feedback can lead to meaningful change for your business, including greater customer retention and increased sales.

    You’ll Improve Brand Perception: Asking customers for their feedback indicates that their opinions are valued; this increases their attachment to your company.

    If their ideas are implemented, customers may promote your business through word of mouth marketing, and increase organic growth. More importantly, they’ll develop a sense of trust.


Social media, email newsletters, text updates, contests, and surveys allow retailers and shoppers to establish a connection that transcends the in-store experience.